Accepted Workshops

There will be four workshops at CP 2024. ModRef 2024, PTGH-24 and Soft 2024 will take place on September 2nd. ConfWS 2024 will take place on the 2nd and on the morning of the 3rd of September.

26th International Workshop on Configuration (ConfWS 2024)

Organisers: Elise Vareilles, Chiara Grosso, José Miguel Horcas, Alexander Felfering.
More information and submissions here.

23rd workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation (ModRef 2024)

The ModRef workshop series aims to bring together researchers around the topic of modelling with constraints. The key goals of this workshop are to extend the understanding of constraint modelling and to automate aspects of modelling or model reformulation to extend the reach of constraint solvers on difficult problems and ease the task of modelling.

Organisers: Nysret Musliu, Hélène Verhaeghe.
More information and submissions here.

Seventh Workshop on Progress Towards the Holy Grail (PTGH-24)

In 1996 the paper “In Pursuit of the Holy Grail” proposed that Constraint Programming was well-positioned to pursue the Holy Grail of computer science: the user simply states the problem and the computer solves it. The PTHG series of workshops aims to encourage and disseminate progress towards that goal, in particular regarding work on automating:

  • Problem Acquisition: user interaction, learning from examples, model reformulation, debugging, maintenance, etc.
  • Solver Construction: tuning parameters, selecting from portfolios, learning heuristics, deep learning, etc.
  • User Explanation: reasons for failure, comparison of alternatives, implications for choices, bias detection, suggested modifications, visualization, etc.

Of particular interest is the intersection of the Holy Grail goal with the increasing attention being paid to machine learning, explainable AI, and human-centric AI, and with current work on chatbots and LLMs.

Organiser: Eugene Freuder
More information and submissions here.

CP2024 Workshop on Discrete Optimization with Soft Constraints (Soft 2024)

The purpose of this Workshop is to bring together researchers from different fields that work on modeling and solving discrete optimization problems that can be factorized into independent pieces. Some paradigms that fall into this description are:

  • Weighted CSPs
  • Max-SAT
  • Pseudo-Boolean Optimization
  • Max-SMT
  • Markov Random Fields
  • Bayesian Networks
  • Integer Programming
Organisers: Simon de Givry, Javier Larrosa
More information: TBA.