CP 2024 Accepted Papers

  • The Complexity of Symmetry Breaking Beyond Lex-Leader
    Markus Anders, Sofia Brenner, and Gaurav Rattan
  • Certifying Without Loss of Generality Reasoning in Solution-Improving Maximum Satisfiability
    Jeremias Berg, Bart Bogaerts, Jakob Nordström, Andy Oertel, Tobias Paxian, and Dieter Vandesande
  • ParLS-PBO: A Parallel Local Search Solver for Pseudo Boolean Optimization
    Zhihan Chen, Peng Lin, Hao Hu, and Shaowei Cai
  • Deep Cooperation of Local Search and Unit Propagation Techniques
    Xiamin Chen, Zhendong Lei, and Pinyan Lu
  • Minimizing Working-Group Conflicts in Conference Session Scheduling through Maximum Satisfiability
    Sami Cherif, Heythem Sattoutah, Chu-Min Li, Corinne Lucet, and Laure Brisoux-Devendeville
  • Cumulative Scheduling with Calendars and Overtime
    Samuel Cloutier and Claude-Guy Quimper
  • Slide&Drill, a new Approach for Multi-Objective Combinatorial Optimization
    João Cortes, Inês Lynce, and Vasco Manquinho
  • On the complexity of integer programming with fixed-coefficient scaling
    Jorke M. de Vlas
  • Black-Box Value Heuristics for Solving Optimization Problems with Constraint Programming
    Augustin Delecluse and Pierre Schaus
  • Pseudo-Boolean Reasoning About States and Transitions to Certify Dynamic Programming and Decision Diagram Algorithms
    Emir Demirović, Ciaran McCreesh, Matthew J. McIlree, Jakob Nordström, Andy Oertel, and Konstantin Sidorov
  • Anytime Weighted Model Counting with Approximation Guarantees For Probabilistic Inference
    Alexandre Dubray, Pierre Schaus, and Siegfried Nijssen
  • A Multi-Stage Proof Logging Framework to Certify the Correctness of CP Solvers
    Maarten Flippo, Konstantin Sidorov, Imko Marijnissen, Jeff Smits, and Emir Demirović
  • Improved Bounds of Integer Solution Counts via Volume and Extending to Mixed-Integer Linear Constraints
    Cunjing Ge and Armin Biere
  • Using Constraint Programming for Disjunctive Scheduling in Temporal AI Planning
    Adam Francis Green, J. Christopher Beck, and Amanda Coles
  • A CP/LS Heuristic Method for Maxmin and Minmax Location Problems with Distance Constraints
    Panteleimon Iosif, Nikolaos Ploskas, Kostas Stergiou, and Dimosthenis C. Tsouros
  • CSPs with Few Alien Constraints
    Peter Jonsson, Victor Lagerkvist, and George Osipov
  • A New Optimization Model for Multiple-Control Toffoli Quantum Circuit Design
    Jihye Jung, Kevin Dalmeijer, and Pascal Van Hentenryck
  • Exponential Steepest Ascent from Valued Constraint Graphs of Pathwidth Four
    Artem Kaznatcheev and Melle van Marle
  • Computing small Rainbow Cycle Numbers with SAT modulo Symmetries
    Markus Kirchweger and Stefan Szeider
  • Frugal Algorithm Selection
    Erdem Kuş, Özgür Akgün, Nguyen Dang, and Ian Miguel
  • Learning Effect and Compound Activities in High Multiplicity RCPSP: Application to Satellite Production
    Duc Anh Le, Stéphanie Roussel, Christophe Lecoutre, and Anouck Chan
  • An Efficient Local Search Solver for Mixed Integer Programming
    Peng Lin, Mengchuan Zou, and Shaowei Cai
  • Constraint Modelling with LLMs using In-Context Learning
    Kostis Michailidis, Dimos Tsouros, and Tias Guns
  • Strengthening Relaxed Decision Diagrams for Maximum Independent Set Problem: Novel Variable Ordering and Merge Heuristics
    Mohsen Nafar and Michael Römer
  • Learning Lagrangian Multipliers for the Travelling Salesman Problem
    Augustin Parjadis, Quentin Cappart, Bistra Dilkina, Aaron Ferber, and Louis-Martin Rousseau
  • Constraint Programming Model for Assembly Line Balancing and Scheduling with Walking Workers and Parallel Stations
    Xavier Pucel and Stéphanie Roussel
  • Latency-Aware 2-Opt Monotonic Local Search for Distributed Constraint Optimization
    Ben Rachmut, Roie Zivan, and William Yeoh
  • Combining Constraint Programming Reasoning with Large Language Model Predictions
    Florian Régin, Elisabetta De Maria, and Alexandre Bonlarron
  • Structure-guided Local Improvement for Maximum Satisfiability
    André Schidler and Stefan Szeider
  • Efficient Implementation of the Global Cardinality Constraint with Costs
    Margaux Schmied and Jean-Charles Régin
  • An Investigation of Generic Approaches to Large Neighbourhood Search
    Filipe Souza, Diarmuid Grimes, and Barry O'Sullivan
  • CP for Bin Packing with Multi-core and GPUs
    Fabio Tardivo, Laurent Michel, and Enrico Pontelli
  • Mutational Fuzz Testing for Constraint Modeling Systems
    Wout Vanroose, Ignace Bleukx, Jo Devriendt, Dimos Tsouros, Hélène Verhaeghe, and Tias Guns
  • Learning Precedences for Scheduling Problems with Graph Neural Networks
    Hélène Verhaeghe, Quentin Cappart, Gilles Pesant, and Claude-Guy Quimper
  • Inverting Step-reduced SHA-1 and MD5 by Parameterized SAT Solvers
    Oleg Zaikin
  • Solving LBBD Master Problems with Constraint Programming and Domain-Independent Dynamic Programming
    Jiachen Zhang and J. Christopher Beck
  • Ex-Ante Constraint Elicitation in Incomplete DCOPs
    Roie Zivan, Shiraz Regev, and William Yeoh
  • Encoding the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem into SAT Based on Vertex Elimination
    Neng-Fa Zhou